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The Willow Tree Gentle Animals of the Stable Nativity Figurines is a three-piece set featuring a donkey and two lambs. The donkey and baby lamb are lying down peacefully, while the mother lamb stands. The set is in three fully separate pieces, allowing you to arrange them in any way that feels right to you. This nativity set is a perfect accompaniment to Willow Tree’s other nativity figurines, and allows you to further build your complete set. The lamb spiritually signifies peace and innocence like the baby Jesus, while the donkey symbolizes service and help when it is needed. The tallest figure stands 5.5 inches in height, meaning it will fit perfectly with the other pieces in your collection.

The Willow Tree Christmas Story Nativity Figurines feature Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus sharing what would be one of the most special moments in time – and in many people’s hearts. Mary is holding the baby Jesus close to her chest while Joseph stands as the earthly father and protector at her side. The figurine of Joseph is holding a stately staff in his right hand signifying power and support, while Joseph’s left hand is placed lightly over the baby Jesus symbolizing his care for the most precious child. The Willow Tree Christmas Story Nativity Figurines are a unique way of honoring the nativity, and this collection is sure to be a fantastic centerpiece for your seasonal home display.